Boho-Modern Outdoor Decor

Hang Lanterns on trees to create a beautiful Boho-Modern atmosphere in your backyard.

Stepping into a place and letting the decor resonate with me is a way I usually get inspired before picking out my pieces.  After visiting a few resorts, I have become OBSESSED with Boho-Modern outdoor decor.

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Top Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

Having a hard time finding him a gift for Valentine’s day this year? Don't worry! Here are some ideas that will make his Valentine's day a little better and what's even better, they were all picked out by him!

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Top Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

Time to set the mood and pull out the wallets boys, because Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Let's take it up a notch this year and skip the typical chocolate and flowers idea. I've never been a huge fan of chocolate or flowers: I hate chocolate and flowers just die (snooze). I would rather receive something that I can use and that will last me for a long time. Valentine's Day should be fun and festive so, get her something in pink, blush or red and have a little fun with it. If you can't think of any ideas, here are some gifts that any woman will love this Valentine's Day.

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The Perfect Exfoliating Treatment

Who doesn't love feeling luxurious all throughout the day? I've found the perfect product combination for creating an exfoliating body treatment that will make your body feel super soft, smooth and luxurious all day long. If you haven't heard of the company L'OCCITANE, it's one of the best product lines out there for your body.

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